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Our story did not start out all roses. Sadly, it started out with a breeder selling us a kitten that appeared surgically altered to defraud, pictures appeared photoshopped &/or altogether a different kitten, he arrived very sick... & illness continued for 2 1/2 months.  

The story of Oakland Hills Fenn Mist inspired us to empower Buyers with information & use education to discover fraud & negligent breeders.


OUR 2021 MISION : 
With legal help, construct a document a buyer may request the breeder sign stating basic in-home cat/ kitten care standards, genetic testing, and veterinary care. 

We have already had angry shoestring breeders bash us on FB groups for this idea and message us stating that OUR standards are ONLY " Our" standards & other breeders "do their own thing". 
Let me ask you the reader & potential buyer a question, 
Do you think the need for basic veterinary care is too high of a standard or unnecessary for a kitten you are paying more than $1,000 for ? 
What kind of a person is against information so you can make the best choice? 
Most people do not realize how much cost goes into responsibly raised kittens.
I suppose if the breeder does not do any genetic testing, may or may not properly vaccinate their kittens from home ( % of cancerous tumors may go up when vaccinations are  given incorrectly!) , The breeder may or may not even use cat litter( when you get them home the cat may not know what a litter box is!) , Kittens caged  24X7 until adoption ( may cause developmental skeletal, muscle, & ligament atrophy during VITAL developmental stage!) ,Breeder does not do fecal testing or worming ... or have any formal records of ANY testing from  a veternarian .... SO, Sure getting a kitten for $300-$500 is about right! Good luck to you if you trust a breeder who does not have care standards.
When these kittens arrive in your home sick, who do you think is really suffering?
Please do not support breeders that do not actually care for their cats, please. 





We had spent nearly a year looking for the right kitten & found him in Michigan. Though we live in Oregon, we felt that we had enough information to feel comfortable having him shipped & the breeder let us know she had shipped many kittens over 20 years without incident all over the USA. She was a pretty large breeder, & vice president of a large cat club so I thought she must be trustworthy & know the breed…. Right? She must be capable of knowing what a “Show Quality” kitten would look like. 

A bill of sale was written up stating I was getting a “Show Quality” cat & he had 2 sets of vaccinations that had been done by the breeder, with exception of FeLV.

NOTE: learn from our first mistake years ago as a buyer, do not buy a kitten that has not had its vaccinations and health exams done by a licensed veterinarian! It's very easy for a breeder to lie about this & then you get a kitten that has been under / unvaccinated like we did. Don't fall for the copied vaccination stickers on your bill of sale completed from a breeder, this is a very dangerous thing! Why can't the breeder afford to take a kitten to the vet for its vaccinations? This has nothing to do with the capability of somebody giving a vaccination, it has everything to do with proof of what really happened & the health of YOUR kitten is everything!** NOTE, If your breeder gives their own vaccinations & you want them done by the Vet, here is an idea..... Call a local vet in their area and look up what it would cost & offer the breeder the price difference. This is just another option that might work. 


 We will continue to make a Full copy of our first kitten ( Oakland Hills Fenn Mist) bill of sale available to the public by request to continually remind that breeder Never to defraud another buyer! When defrauded buyers stand up for themself and their sick kittens, it makes a bad breeder think twice about continuing the fraud!  We could fill a book on the lessons learned from a bad breeder  & it has changed how we operate as a breeder for the better. The  awful breeder did tell me to send him back at my cost, there was NO WAY on this green earth we would send a mutilated kitten back to where he came from! NEVER! Our priority was the well being of the cat, not the bottom dollar!
The breeder can attempt to defend herself in every way, that is her right, but all you need to do is look at the pictures and see the documents. His pictures tell the story & now it is time to move on in a better direction. 

Thank you for reading our story. Use caution and take time looking for a kitten. Google the name of the cattery and owner of the cattery. We actually found out one of the Oriental cat Facebook groups we were on was owned by Admin person that has been turned in for cat cruelty and inhumane treatment of cats. Kind of like a predator working at a youth camp. UGG. Check out a Facebook page called “Bad Catteries Around the World”. Due your homework! Nothing is worse than losing thousands of dollars & having a beloved cat pass away with no warrantees. Several bad breeders have people working with them to talk them up, ask more than one or two people about the cattery. 

We recently heard one breeder known for selling sick cats has finally lost business and recently was found to give a customer back money for vet bills when the cat arrived terribly sick!  This is the customer standing up for what is right and slowly starting to make a change by insisting on better care & how breeders treat their customers & most importantly, their cats. 

Our Passion for Humane Welfare of cats is deeply rooted in everything we do.

Our Mission is to encourage all breeders to take exceptional care of the 4 legged souls, because they take care of ours. 
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NEWPictured BELOW, is the Bengal kitten that arrived. I was devistated. My $2,850 "Show Quality" Breeder.
Within 2 months this kitten required emergency visits & countless other visits costing over $2,000 in 2 months!
This cat came from Oakland Hills Bengals in Michigan. With the help of another Breeder we  were provided with written proof this breeder was completely aware of the condition of this kitten's mutilated  ears,
still the breeder called him a "Show cat" TO TAKE OUR MONEY & MAKE A SALE.  We had Titers completed to see if she really gave the vaccinations she stated she gave, & those results showed nearly no antibodies to the vaccinations, NOT the levels that should show if the kitten had been vaccinated once... let alone twice like she indicated!  We did a second Titer AFTER our vet vaccinated him to make sure the kitten had a normal immune system, giving the breeder the benefit of science. 
The results showed Normal response to vaccinations nearly eliminated the possibility that he was given the vaccination and just did not respond well. My vet even looked up the copied sticker of vaccination she stated she gave and there was no known problems. We spent thousands in vet care and gathering evidence so that we could make these statements publicly without doubt stating this breeder KNOWINGLY COMMITTED FRAUD!
We requested the breeder refund us from breeder price to pet price & Karen Pattyn still refused. 
IF you are the victim of fraud, STAND UP FOR YOURSELF AND YOUR CAT OR KITTEN! These breeders are rotten to the core and greedy.  Do not support them!  & Do Not stay quiet if you get ripped off or get a sick kitten!!!!! The cats do not have a voice, use yours! 



What I thought I was getting & what arrived


our kitten :(


This is what arrived. I was devistated. My $2,850 "Show Quality" Breeder.

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