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Kosmos of KMC

Meet: Luxury Kosmos of  KMC   Red Classic Tabby 

Retired in Spring 2023. 

Our Boys: Males

KMC RoMeow

RoMeow : We have decided to retire RoMeow. He wants to be a pet more than meet girls & his half-brother Mochi is doing Great as a stud.
Tentative Reservation for Carla S. on our Waitlist. 
He IS Reserved for his retirement. Spring 2023. 

Armani has been an Exceptional stud since we acquired him in 2022. Great breed diversity results on his genetic testing. His disposition is Excellent!!! Such an easy boy to handle and manage. He is everything we wanted and needed in our breeding program and we will keep him for a few years of service before retirement. 
He passed his optimal selection genetic tests with perfect " Clear" results. 


This is Mochi.
He is by our Queen Freya ( who is now retired).
Mochi has turned into a superstar in our breeding program passing on his European body type, Gentle disposition,  and we LOVE his large healthy frame! Some cats we breed for Classic TICA & CFA type... but NOT all!!! We truly LOVE both the more extreme AND the elegant Classic body types. 
Congratulations Mochi!!!! Perfect All clear Optional Genetic Test. 

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