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 I feel so lucky that we found Nikki when we did. She is the most attentive, warm and thorough OSH breeder I have ever known. Heck, she is the kindest and most considerate person I have ever known. I am so honored she chose us to be Knightly's people. First, she hand-raised our little guy and his sisters, This means feeding every two hours round the clock and even taking them to work with her. As a result, Knightly is totally interested in people, he is brave and curious and the trait we find most endearing: is he is courteous. He is certain he can communicate to you exactly what he wants and he manages. He also knows if you need something; if you are crying, even happy tears at a tv movie he is right there finding out what is going on and trying to help you feel better. He watches your face for clues on what is your next plan. Omg! he is the most wonderful cat I have ever known. I had no idea they could be this loving, entertaining, communicative, gentle and mannerly.

From: Elizabeth B. 

When we made the decision to add another furbaby to our home, I talked to several breeders across the United States. When I came across Know More Cats, Nikki is so passionate about the animals in her care and has the highest standards not only for her animals but in finding the right forever home for them. We reached out looking for a kitten but had just “missed out” as all of her younger kittens had found home. Nikki spoke with us about an older kitten Moxie and took the time to tell us about her, her story and personality as well as get to know us to see if we could be a match for Moxie. When it was mutually decided Moxie could be a good fit for us and us for her, we made arrangements to meet with Nikki to bring Moxie home. After allowing time to introduce and settle in, we are now so thrilled we were offered this opportunity for Moxie to be in our lives. She’s sassy, smart, beautiful and loving. We have 2 Turkish angora boys in our home and Moxie fits right in and is best friends with one and follows him everywhere! We have so much confidence in Know More Cats from her experience and standards to the care she puts into each pet, that we hope to one day have another one of her furbabies.


Thank you Nikki for our Moxie girl. We appreciate you more than you know.

From: Rebecca B. 

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