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AVAILABLE KITTENS & CATS  Updated.  02/23/2024

Unless otherwise stated, kittens are available to only those on the waiting list.

Our Waiting list will close on 2/23/24 at 7:30 AM  PST . Thank You to everyone who signed up. 
A new updated list will be posted the first week of March. THE NEXT LITTER is due in ~ 2 weeks , first week of March 2024. 


 ****        Stud & Queen Pages UPDATED 6/24/23, we will update again 2/2024

*PLEASE Scroll all the way down for adoption process, $$ PRICES $$, and care standards you get with OUR CATTERY:)  

PRADA & Oreo ( AKA Leo)  ( New Flame Point Stud) MARCH/APRIL 2024
Chanel & Leo. TBA
Quinn & Leo  for the next litter. 
NAVI & Armani  we hope May 2024
Mystic & TBA next litter
*Fenix & Armani: TBA
Luna X Mochi,  March 2024 
Tessa, New Cinnamon Smoke Queen, Due March 2024. 

This site was updated on  02/23/24

We are hoping for 3 litters in March

Our kittens are available to those on the waiting list. This list closed on 2/23/24.  The list will open again in December. 
For more details, follow the Newsletters. 

Available Cats : Welcome
Marble Surface

KMC has found the following information important to post right here so that when you are shopping for a kitten, you understand the price. PLEASE feel free to compare prices to other breeders, but buyers, beware of what you are getting and what other breeders are putting in their contracts or their lack of
We have physically flown/delivered a new kitten from Oregon to the East Coast for FREE within 6 months of an unforeseen loss (indicated on our contract) because that is what we guarantee! We not only make promises, but we also put them in writing for 100% GUARANTEE. If you think finding a kitten for a few hundred dollars less is the way to go, you can look elsewhere.... but if you want a Trustworthy breeder to count on and a legal contract, you have found your breeder right here! 

What is in the Price: 3 Sets of Vaccinations and health Exams from our VETERINARIAN (not purchased at a discount farm store and given by us or some random person with No real health record; for goodness sake you are paying several thousand dollars, you deserve a REAL health record!), Rabies Vac, Group Litter fecal Wellness and/or PCR, TICA Registration offered, Parents Always Genetically tested, Halter training if they are going to fly to their new home, TONS of socialization, ZERO living in a cage for excellent bone and musculoskeletal development that is Essential in early life stages, 2-year FIP replacement including flying to the destination airport, 3-year genetic health warranty, 1-month free health insurance, Exceptional feeding program that starts Before they are even born! So much more (12 page contract). So when people ask us,


Marble Surface

DOB 12/13/2023.   updated 2/07/24.
Mystic X Louis Vuitton                      Lilac Male Kitten.

Adoption Pending  
$ 2,750.   2/6/24 First Vet appointment: health assessment and vaccinations. Super healthy !!!! 

This little BOY is going to be BREATHTAKING!  He has a gorgeous solid Lilac color and what looks like green eyes coming in. He never hides or hesitates to come out and greet me. He has an excellent disposition. He is going to be a great lifetime companion.   

Marble Surface

Our next Litter is coming in early March. Tessa X Armani:.
(Tessa is our New Queen from Permes Cattery). Tessa is a combination of several of our past breeding cats, including NAVI, TOPAL, and Freya's Aunt.  She is a Cinnamon Smoke with a beautiful body type for someone wanting to show in CFA or TICA.  Armani carries Chocolate, and Tessa has produced Carmel kittens.  The sky is the limit for this litter.  Armani produced the 2 kittens you see here by Fenix. 

Marble Surface

Congratulations Coleen 
going to 

Marble Surface

Congratulations Leo & Family in Canada 


Marble Surface

 Prada X Leo  (flame point stud).  
We are hoping for late March litter 2024 .

Marble Surface

Planned Breeding 
Quinn & Leo our flame point stud. 
We are hoping for March or April. 

Marble Surface

Due date TBD . We will announce when we are 100% sure. 

Marble Surface

Quinn Kittens ( Update 10/15/23) Girl
Adopted. $2,950. 

Marble Surface

Orange  collar girl
Reserved for Breeder. KMC is keeping this 
extraordinary girl for our breeding program. 
updated 1/30/2024


Marble Surface


Marble Surface

CHANELLE,  3 HUGE EURO EXTREME boys born 12/29/22
Black Collar, Adopted

Marble Surface

 Female kitten by Valkyrie & Mochi 
DOB 01/03/2023

Marble Surface

CHANELLE,  3 HUGE EURO-TYPE boys, born 12/29/22
Yellow collar Adopted.

Marble Surface

has been adopted.DOB: 07/12/21. 

Marble Surface

This kitten has been adopted. Kitten by Queen NAVI
Congratulations Jackie in New York 

Marble Surface

DOB 12/07/21.  Chanelle's Quintessence X Zellar Litter: 4 kittens total. 
BIG  Extreme EAR TYPE , Red spotted male
 Congratulations John in WA 


Update 02/01/2024

Our Waitlist is Closed; however, it will open  on February 15th at 8:00 AM Pacific Standard Time 2024
If you live on the East Coast, it will be 11:00 AM due to the time difference. Early applications will not count. Please click on the " Wait List Page" on 2/15/2024, and the Application will be made live. To keep it fair for everyone, we will not and cannot accept early submissions.  

Updates are posted on our Facebook page FREQUENTLY/ Weekly. 

YOU MAY RECEIVE OUR NEWSLETTER 1 OF 2 WAYS. SIGN UP ON THE WAIT LIST OR, SIMPLY SEND US AN EMAIL FROM THIS WEBSITE & by sending that email, Wix our web host is programmed to automatically generate you on our mail list. We have just implemented this and we  are happy to share our breeder news. 

  We are honored you chose us because you want a responsibly raised kitten that never lives life caged, no cost is spared in raising, and they are loved, loved, loved before they reach your arms.
***** You will NOT face unnecessary risks from our cattery & we back that up in Writing! 
3 steps to getting a kitten from our cattery: 

#1.) When the list is Open, Please place yourself on our waitlist. WE CAN NOT DO THIS FOR YOU because when you sign up on the waitlist,  the form links the intake to your email address. 
We will reply to your new request typically in 1-3 days.
YOU ARE IMPORTANT!!! If for some reason you do not hear back from us, Please email or call us after 5 days.

Once on our waitlist, you will start receiving our Newsletter that we put out ~ 4-6 weeks. ******
If for any reason you do not get the Newsletter, Please CHECK YOUR JUNK FOLDER FOR THE NEWSLETTER IF YOU HAVE YOUR JUNK FILTER SET HIGH.
You don't want to miss the information in this News Letter, it includes up and coming litters. 
We Announce on our Facebook page when we post a Newsletter. 

We get 1-20 emails a day and do not want to miss you. If we have, it is unintentional! 

#2.) When you are within 1-30 people from the top of the list, we will individually reach out to you ~ 1 -2 weeks after a litter is born to see if you are still interested or want to pass till the next litter from a different Queen or Stud. It would be great to stay in touch with 100 people on a regular basis with kitten updates However, we know that is not possible. Caring for our cats is SUPER time-consuming!!!!!!! and we are not able to keep frequent communication with everyone & that is why we use Newsletters for updates and then we WILL be in direct contact when you are in that top 30 people AND we have pregnant queens. We try to keep our Facebook page updated as well. 

#3.) Deposits are taken when kittens are ~ 8-12 weeks of age. Once you have a kitten picked out, we will send you a contract. Once the contract is signed  & deposit made, we post YOUR NEW  kitten as reserved and start posting pictures and video's for you. If you live locally and Covid restrictions can be followed, we do permit visits AFTER you have a deposit. For safety, we simply do not permit anyone to just visit our cattery.
We hope you understand the need for safety. 

Our goal is a forever pet and peace of mind that you are getting a healthy 4 legged soul mate that fits your family. 

Available Cats : About Us

**Our Pet price typically ranges from $1,800 to $2,300.00+/- Extreme Type WILL cost more. **it cost us Thousands to import the cats that produce this amazing look!
Couriers, PCR & Genetic Testing once they arrive, and updates to registration ='s ~ $4,000.  Just managing the diet changes with an import can incur veterinary bills.

We are here to make adopting safe for people so you can focus on the loving part!!!!!  & WE BACK THAT UP IN WRITING! 


 If you are looking for Extreme, you can expect to pay ~  $2,500, which is FAR less than importing.  When you import you will NOT have health guarantees you are able to enforce. 

Don't bring horrible feline Tritrichomonas and other diseases into your home!!!! DO NOT BE BLIND TO TRITRICHOMONAS! This is a nasty (becoming common in catteries that don't test)  fecal protozoan that can cause chronic diarrhea and sometimes DEATH!  For an adult, this may not be deadly... but for your kitten, this can be an absolute NIGHTMARE.
Not only do we PCR test all of our adults, we PCR test our litters ~ 2-3 weeks BEFORE they come home to you.  100% of all vaccinations & exams done by our veterinarian clinic!!!! We NEVER cut corners! You may find a kitten for less $$$, but buyer beware of what that cute little baby may come home with. 

           Show Quality ranges from $1,800-$2,500.


We do sell  BREEDERS & cost is  $750. to $1,500 added to pet price. *Breeders come with Complete PCR fecal and COMPLETE Optimal Selection Genetic Testing!!!!!!! WE ARE QUITE AWARE THAT IMPORTING A BREEDER IS GOING TO COST YOU ~ $4,000 & YOU WILL NOT GET THE HEALTH WARRANTY, BREEDING SOUNDNESS WARRANTY OR A FULL OPTIMAL SELECTION  TEST COMPLETED.We Strive for Excellence & Breeders represent our cattery! Kittens will NOT leave our cattery intact unless you are buying a breeder, you ARE registered with TICA or CFA & have references, there is NO exceptions. 

 Breeders are only sold to catteries that can prove & put in writing quality of care standards! We Never tolerate caged cats! We understand kennels for temporary use & safety, However, NO cat should live their life in a cage .. this hurts my heart. We do not expect the Taj Mahal, but space, ability & time to care for a breeder requires planning. We may personally hand deliver breeders ( at buyers' cost ) as time 

Adopting Retired breeders range from $300 to $700 + the cost of spaying or neutering.
 We are pet lovers and want to reach everyone we can; however, it is essential for buyers to be informed on just how much cost & time goes into a kitten from a Responsible breeder. We do not cut corners to save money!  We provide Objective testing and proven veterinarian care. We afford our kittens the best possible care available. It is not difficult to give a vaccination to a kitten however, we NEVER do our own kitten vaccinations on YOUR cat to cut costs!  We maintain a HIGH STANDARD by getting vaccinations & regular health exams from the Veterinarian. If you are getting a kitten from a breeder that does their own vaccinations, you will never have proof they were actually given or properly given. Why take the risk? This will be YOUR lifetime soul mate!  Why support lessor standers in kitten care? Health exams  & vaccinations by a licensed 
veterinarian are a must & our STANDARD! 

This is our standard and typically we do even more than the following:

#1.) 2-3 complete vaccinations FROM THE VETERNARIAN WITH HEALTH EXAMS before they leave our cattery. This includes Rabies as needed for traveling to new home. 
#2.)*Microchipped ( this is done during the last vaccination or Spay/Neuter apt) 
#3.) Genetic testing from both parents & results are available to buyer. Note: We only breed cats that test N/N or are autosomal recessive to N/N. We NEVER breed cats that test Autosomal dominant. It is important to understand Genetic Testing & we provide copies of our Optimal Selection & /or Basepaws Breed & Health genetic results to our BUYERS.  We have copies of what these tests look like at the very bottom of our Red Flag Page. Simply click the picture of the cat to see its genetic test results!!!
Now you know how to ask better questions when shopping for a breeder to buy from. Recessive carriers can breed to N/N Clear cats. Clear is always best however, the breeder should NOT be breeding two carriers of the same genetic trait, that is how unwanted diseases occur. Simply saying the Grandparents were tested is NOT good enough! You are buying a kitten, make the breeder do their part and test parents. 

4.) TICA registration papers or litter registration slip, so that buyer CAN register kitten. Registration is ONLY ~ $10 for the breeder to register your kitten. Ask them to do it or pay for them to do it. You will have to transfer the kitten to your name, but now you have proof of parentage. 
#5.) *Spay &/or Neutering !!!
Note, a person must be registered as a breeder with TICA &/or CFA to purchase a breeder, the home must also be approved!  

#6.) *Mortality guarantee a Minimum of 1 year or longer against genetic/congenital deficits. I typically give 2-3 years. All breeders should give a minimum of 1 year.  
Note: It is impossible to guarantee death altogether. Human accidents, viruses, household accidents & other pets are factors outside a breeder’s control. 
#7.) Health Certificate & Rabies Vac. if your kitten is traveling & pending the State you live in. The buyer pays for this appointment (~$45-75.) , but I take the kitten to its appointment for free.  IF the last vaccination or neuter is done within 10 days of traveling, I will pay for the Health Certificate ($30) if it is not a separate appointment.
Males may go to their new home 7 days after the Neuter & Females 10-14 days after Spay. 

*#8.)  Basic &/or PCR  fecal tests for parasites before leaving. Tritrichomonas is highly contagious in purebred catteries & we do a group kitten fecal. The tests can range from $120 to $300. It is expensive to be a responsible breeder! 
*#9.) For Cargo travel, Our cattery assumes the risk of loss during air travel! Yup! We will replace your kitten if a proven fatality occurs outside the buyer's control on an airline. If we cannot replace your kitten in 1 calendar year, you will receive a 100% refund. Cargo is only permitted with nonstop flights! We can ground transport to SeaTac WA airport to drop off a kitten at a $ 1.00-mile round trip, or PDX Airport in OR. for free. Seattle WA gives more options for nonstop flights in the US & internationally. This is 8 Hrs. round trip drive for me to drive & 217 mi.
Again, Delivery to PDX in Portland Oregon is Free!  

**We also offer door-to-door delivery, Or to your closest airport within the USA, as time permits & at the buyers cost. Please get 2 quotes and we will try to beat the cost for hand delivery :) 2021 Plane tickets are fairly Cheap & I have found Air fair to Midwest or East Coast for under $500. 
*#10.)  Lots of pictures and videos. I try to get this out weekly or more. 
*#11.)  A bill of sale both parties feel comfortable with. 
*#12.)  If your kitten is found to be seriously ill by your veterinarian in the first 72 hours & you need to return for replacement, our cattery pays for all travel costs back to Oregon. This is spelled out in a bill of sale. 

We do other things like halter training kittens that need to go in-hand through the Airport. I purchase the harness for the customers. I ask my customer to send/ ship our cattery the cat carrier they want so that the kitten can be familiar with it before they leave. I also educate buyers on what is needed for Air travel. I do ask my customers to set up their own air travel because if they need to reschedule, that makes it much easier on both parties. 

*#13) I take my kittens to the airport for free, with no travel charge. This is a 4-hour round trip. We do not permit cats in cargo on flights with connecting planes. The risk is too great for a kitten to be lost. Highly encourage people to fly into PDX airport and get their kitten in person, the kittens will be ready for their adventure:)


Our Mission is to encourage all breeders to take exceptional care of the 4 legged souls, because they take care of ours. 

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